Sarah Hyland to Star in New Comedy From 'Modern Family' Co-Star Ty Burrell

As one chapter closes, a new one starts. Sarah Hyland grew to fame on the show Modern Family after a successful 11-season run, but just four months after its last episode aired, she's already gearing up for a new show. Alongside her former castmate and on-screen father, Ty Burrell will accompany her as one of the executive producers for the new show Yours, Mine & Paul's.

According to TVLine, Hyland's character, Lauren, is an "impulsive, faux-enlightened millennial" seeking attention. Lauren is asked by her best friend, Paul, to be a surrogate for him and his husband, Xander. The only problem is, Lauren can't stand Xander, and he feels the same about her. However, the two will have to find a way to get along because while she is attracted to the idea of the attention, she'll gain being pregnant, but not actually having to take responsibility for the child after giving birth, that all changes when Paul unexpectedly dies in the cold open. "She is confronted with the looming possibility of motherhood and co-parenting with her nemesis," following Paul's death, forcing Lauren and Xander to find a way to get along.

After 11 successful seasons of Modern Family, the show came to a sad end in April. The ABC series originally debuted in 2009 and featured the Dunphy, Pritchett and Tucker families as they combined their hilarious relatives together in all their glory. Since fans became so attached to the series, it was a hard ending to accept as they wanted the show to continue. However, while all good things must come to an end, viewers were expressive of their appreciation the show decided to call it quits when they did and not force any storylines.

While the finale was emotional for the fans, it was also hard for the cast. Burrell asked fans for forgiveness on behalf of the cast as they broke character slightly when filming the final episode. "I hope people will forgive us for breaking character a bit, because it was actually a little tricky to delineate," he told Entertainment Weekly. "[The finale] really has to do with that feeling that this chapter of this family is over. This magical period in their lives won't be the same anymore, and people are wrestling with a lot of the same feelings we were wrestling with."


As each member of the cast closed their chapter on Modern Family, it seems as though a lot of exciting things are happening for each person since. Fans have continued to follow their favorite faces as each joins a new journey.