Sarah Hyland Blasts Pharmacy for Stranding Her Without Kidney Medication

Sarah Hyland slammed CVS online after it failed to fulfill her crucial medication on time.

The Modern Family star, who received a kidney transplant in 2012, publicly criticized the pharmacy chain after it closed without fulfilling her prescription to treat an infection.

"Hey @cvspharmacy when you tell a kidney transplant recipient that her medication will be ready before you close and that you will notify her when it's ready to be picked up. F—ING DO IT BEFORE YOU CLOSE. PEOPLE LIKE ME CANT AFFORD TO GO WITHOUT MEDICATION," she ranted in a tweet Tuesday.

The actress garnished the heated message with a middle finger emoji.

"Also @cvspharmacy maybe put the CORRECT time you close on the internet. Just a suggestion from a long time customer who needs medication for the rest of her life," she shared in a follow-up tweet alongside the posted hours for a Studio City, California location.

The pharmacy responded to the actress on Tuesday, writing, "Your health is important to us, Sarah & we understand how upsetting this experience must have been. We'd like to follow up w/ you offline to learn more & do whatever we can to improve your experience in the future. Can you pls DM us at your earliest convenience?"

After a heated Hyland questioned whether CVS' reply was "just a copy/ paste situation," she said she messages all the details to the online associate. Still, she was far from finished venting about the experience.

She posted a video to her Twitter account following the drama, explaining that she needed an antibiotic from the pharmacy to treat an ongoing infection.

"I had already been about two and a half days with infection," she told followers. Without medication, the infection could turn into a condition that would send her kidney into rejection and would require dialysis.

She said her transplant team at Cedars-Sinai called multiple times to request the antibiotic at the pharmacy, but by 7 p.m., CVS "said they never go it — lies."


Hyland called the story at 7:30, she said, and the pharmacy told her they received the prescription and "assured me that they would call me before they closed."

In a second video, the actress continued her rant, saying, ""I would also like to say for everyone else who has dealt with CVS problems, I feel your pain. Thank you so much for reaching out and telling me yours so that I don't feel like a crazy person. You guys are sweet and awesome. I'm also just in a bad mood because I'm in a lot of pain. So call me a b—-, I really don't f—ing care."