Ron Jeremy Rape Charges: Reread the Explosive 2017 'Rolling Stone' Article About His Past Allegations

Adult film star Ron Jeremy was charged on Tuesday with sexually assaulting four women in West [...]

Adult film star Ron Jeremy was charged on Tuesday with sexually assaulting four women in West Hollywood dating back to 2014. Jeremy, who is being tried under his legal name of Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, is expected to appear in court regarding these charges on Tuesday afternoon. This legal case isn't the first time that the adult film star has been accused of sexual misconduct. Back in 2017, Rolling Stone published a lengthy investigative piece that chronicled how multiple women have accused Jeremy of either rape or sexual assault.

Rolling Stone's piece detailed accusations against Jeremy from more than a dozen women who spoke out both on and off the record. According to the publication, several women have accused Jeremy of indecent exposure, nonconsensual digital penetration, and rape. The outlet included an account from former adult performer Jennifer Steele, who alleged that Jeremy raped her twice, once at a photoshoot and another time at his apartment, in December 1997. She claimed, "He doesn't hear no. He just kinda keeps going and pretends like you didn't say anything." In response to these allegations, Jeremy issued a lengthy statement in which he denied all of the accusations. He wrote that these allegations have been "online and in print for quite sometime" and added that they have "been proven over and over to be false."

"I have never and would never rape anyone," his statement continued. "All serious allegations have been investigated by police and dismissed by judges, as have most of the accusations of "Groping". I have never been charged nor spent one day in court for any of this. And these are old allegations." He added, "I have been heartbroken over these allegations. Not because it affects me or my business, I can take that, but because they are lies and there are actual women and men out there Who have been victims of serious sexual assault, and so on, that are trying to get their voices heard." In his statement, the adult film star also shared that if anyone continues these claims, then it is "defamation," and he will "sue them in court."

As previously mentioned, on Tuesday, Jeremy was once again accused of sexually assaulting several women over the years. According to a press release from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, Jeremy has been accused of sexually assaulting four women in West Hollywood from 2014. If convicted in these charges, Jeremy could face up to 90 years in prison. Prosecutors are reportedly recommending that his bail be set at $6.6 million.