Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy Sued for Sexual Assault in Washington State

Adult film star Ron Jeremy is being sued for sexual assault in Washington state, stemming from an alleged September 2017 incident.

According to TMZ, a woman simply known as K.B. has filed a civil suit against Jeremy, claiming that he sexually harassed and assaulted her at a promotional event for a radio station.

This is the same incident that prompted a police investigation earlier this year, with the Tacoma City Attorney's Office eventually declining to file charges but no official explanation was given.

Now, the alleged victim is hoping to win a victory against Jeremy in a civil trial, and she has gone into graphic detail regarding the nature of her allegations against the 65-year-old.

K.B. claims that at the event she agreed to let Jeremy autograph her breasts, but that he almost immediately became aggressive by pulling her shirt down and "violently" groping her underneath her bra.

She also alleged that he groped her backside during a photo-op, and also began sucking on the back of her neck and groping her vagina through her underwear. She claims that afterwards Jeremy asked her if "that give you goosebumps?"

The woman also says that a handler for Jeremy attempted to step in and stop him but he rejected the intervention and told them, "I'll be done in a sec."

Finally, before leaving, K.B. says that Jeremy grabbed her and pulled down her shirt, exposing at least one of her breasts which he then violated with him mouth.

She states that she has suffered PTSD since the alleged incident, and also claims that she had a miscarriage which she attributes to the assaults she says took place.

K.B. is suing for damages in a currently unspecified amount.

In addition to the anonymous woman, several of Jeremy's female peers in the adult film industry have also alleged that he has been known to sexually assault women.

Adult film actress Ginger Banks released a video of herself discussing numerous alleged assaults that she was told about from other adult film actresses.

Following the initial report of the allegations, Jeremy responded, saying that the woman's "allegations are pure lies or buyers remorse."


"I have never and would never rape anyone. All serious allegations have been investigated by police and dismissed by judges, as have most of the accusations of 'groping,'" he added. "I have never been charged nor spent one day in court for any of this."

Neither Jeremy nor his representatives appear to have commented on this new development.