Ron Jeremy: Los Angeles Bar Defends Adult Film Star Amid Rape Charges

Ron Jeremy faces a hefty 90-year prison sentence stemming from the rape charges against the adult film star, and without many standing to defend him. But one man is speaking out to say that Jeremy isn't a rapist from his point of view, though he confirms the adult star did grope some women.

Eliot Preschutti was the bar manager at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood. The legendary bar is a longtime haunt for rock and roll stars and other famous names, including Jeremy. With the adult star facing three charges of "forcibly raping" three women and sexual assault against another, Preschutti felt the need to speak out according to The Daily Mail. As he explains, he has spoken with Jeremy enough and witnessed his presence over the years to claim he couldn't be a sexual predator.

"I know him a lot more than most people do and while I can't speak for any of the situations that he's being accused of, I would just assume it's just another transparent attempt to take him down," Preschutti says. "I'm not his best friend, but I've had hours and hours of conversation with him and seven to eight hours, four times a week watching his behavior."

As the bar manager expands on, he saw people flock and crowd Jeremy in the bar on any given night. And according to him, a lot of those fans were women. If this sounds tone-deaf and misplaced, it likely is. But Preschutti stuck to his guns to support the adult star.

"I've seen the guy in action, he just doesn't need to do this, to rape women. There's plenty of women making themselves available to him. Yes he's a groper, he has admitted that himself. He will grab a girl's a— if they want a picture with him because he's a porn star and he will put his mouth near their boob and try to make a funny picture for them to go show their friends, again because he's a porn star," Preschutti explains. "The same way when you get a picture with a boxer, they're going to pretend to punch you in the jaw."

Jeremy has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct in the past. In June 2018, the adult film star was sued for sexual assault in Washington State. Rolling Stone also investigated over a dozen accusations against Jeremy in 2017, with former performer Jennifer Steele accusing him of rape twice.

"He doesn't hear no," Steele told Rolling Stone. "He just kinda keeps going and pretends like you didn't say anything." Jeremy denied the accusations, calling it "buyers remorse" and adding that he'd "never rape anyone."

"I have been heartbroken over these allegations. Not because it affects me or my business, I can take that, but because they are lies and there are actual women and men out there who have been victims of serious sexual assault, and so on, that are trying to get their voices heard," Jeremy said at the time.

The former adult film star pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance Friday. Jeremy was photographed in his orange prison jumpsuit and with a mask on his face. The judge declined to reduce the $6.6 million bail and set the next hearing for Aug. 31.