Elvis Presley's Granddaughter Riley Keough Thrills in Steamy Scene

While some may think Elvis Presley's eldest granddaughter might have pursued a career in music, Riley Keough continues to make her mark as an actress.

The 28-year-old daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough stars in the new thriller Welcome The Stranger, in which she rocks a pretty steamy sex scene with co-star Caleb Landry Jones. See the risqué photos from the movie here.

Keough left nothing to the imagination as she stripped down for the sexy movie that centers around estranged siblings and the arrival of the creepy ex-girlfriend, played by Keough.

In the scene, Keough proved she has zero inhibitions, stripping down to her bare skin while writhing around with Jones, who also displayed his superstar physique.

In the film, Keough stars as Misty, Ethan's (Jones) ex-girlfriend, who drives Ethan's estranged sister Alice (Abbey Lee) crazy with paranoia and suspicion, leading to further mystery between the siblings.

Keough told The Guardian last year that her work ethic is what drives her, confessing, "I'm a workaholic. Very highly strung."

She said being constantly linked with her iconic grandfather's name does not bother her in the way some people may assume.

When asked if she cares about being referred to as his granddaughter all the time, she said, "Why should I? It’s a fact. And I’m not ashamed of that in any way. (I knew) he was very, very famous. I knew the situation. I just didn’t really think about it."

In fact, she said it gave her a boost in her career that she's lucky to have.

"(But being a Presley's) been a huge help. I’m very privileged. Like the normal story of moving to LA and it takes you three years to find an agent? I got one in a week," she said.

In 2017 alone, Keough appeared in six movies. Since her break came in The Runaways in 2010, she's been seen in projects like Mad Max: Fury Road and The Girlfriend Experience, a critically acclaimed Steven Soderbergh-produced series that earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Twenty days after Keough's mother and father divorced when Keough was six, her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, married Michael Jackson, who had recently been accused of child abuse. That marriage lasted two years, during which Keough enjoyed her time at Neverland. After that, she split her time between her mother and father.

“I grew up very privileged with my mother,” she says. “But my dad didn’t live like that. And I think experiencing both sides has been helpful. My father had mattresses on the floor of his apartments. He lived in cabins and trailer parks. He just didn’t have much money.”

While she came from a musical family, she admitted that music wasn't really her thing — which might explain her love of film.

“I played piano but I’m not particularly gifted. Movies felt endless to me, whereas music I could see myself getting bored of," she said.


Welcome the Stranger is set to be released later this year.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @rileykeough