Prince Harry Reportedly Removed From King Charles' Coronation

Prince Harry's new memoir hit shelves last month, but the reports out of Spare have not painted The Royal Family in the best light. According to TMZ, the book has reportedly angered his brother, Prince William, to the point that he's simmering for a confrontation. But it also seems to have hurt his chances of attending his father's coronation.

A new report in The Times, as shared via TMZ, claims that Harry's new memoir is landing him in hot water with his brother and father. It also seems to seal that the prince's inclusion in his father's coronation will be limited, if he's allowed at all. Times Royal Editor Roya Nikkah tweeted a bit of a follow-up to the post, posting that Harry is "written out of the script" for the big event.

They also add that Charles is breaking with tradition in another way, removing the royal dukes kneeling to pay homage to the king during the event. Prince William will be the only one to take part in the traditional act, sharing some spotlight with his father.

Harry could still be disinvited altogether, if he decides to attend. It would seem that his brother and father are responding to his desires to reunite with a stern "no," in a way. William is said to be seriously fuming over the claims against him made by his brother in the memoir. This includes the allegation that he physically attacked Prince Harry, that William insulted his wife, Meghan Markle, and the future king also pressed Harry to wear his infamous Nazi Halloween costume.

Either it is a true controversy and split between royals, as has been reported, or it is a way for the those covering the family to continue to prick. The focus on the brothers, The Royal Family and the impending coronation of King Charles follow the death of Queen Elizabeth last year.

Harry also revealed his final words to the monarch, on her deathbed. He claims he told his grandmother that he "hoped she would be happy" and reunited with departed husband Prince Philip. He also told her that he "admired her for having fulfilled her duties until the very end."