Pregnant Pippa Middleton Shows off Her Growing Baby Bump

Pippa Middleton is currently pregnant with her first child, and the mom-to-be has been dressing [...]

Pippa Middleton is currently pregnant with her first child, and the mom-to-be has been dressing her growing baby bump in a slew of chic styles ever since announcing the news.

This week, she was seen in London leaving a gym and hopping on a bike, in photos seen here.

Middleton opted for a blue floral shirtdress by Anthropologie which featured a tie above her waist that spotlighted her growing bump.

She accessorized with a pair of Penelope Chilvers flats, round sunglasses and a purple leather backpack, which she placed in the basket of her bike as she made her way down the street.

After confirming her pregnancy in June, Middleton has discussed her journey to motherhood in her columns for Waitrose Weekend.

She revealed that she was keen to remain active throughout her pregnancy, writing in June that it was important to her to stay fit during her journey.

"When I learned the happy news that I was pregnant I realized I needed to adjust my normal 4 to 5-day-a-week routine and find a way of continuing my exercise safely throughout the three trimesters," Middleton shared. "I've noticed my body change but through exercise, I feel it's being strengthened."

One workout the 34-year-old incorporates is tennis, a sport that Middleton has long been a fan of.

"I've been a tennis fan since childhood, as player and spectator, and have been keen to continue playing safely throughout pregnancy," she revealed. "Continuing to play has a positive influence and can lead to improved placental growth and good weight management while strengthening heart and blood vessels, overall body strength and reducing the risk of gestational diabetes."

Middleton added that for her first two trimesters she had been "playing regularly," not giving her all to every shot but "instead just enjoyed releasing energy through rallying, footwork and working on core strength."

Another column saw Middleton share that she has taken up swimming during her pregnancy.

"From personal experience, I'd confidently say I find it has been the most enjoyable and rewarding form of exercise since I found out I was expecting," she wrote. "It's comforting to know that it's safe throughout pregnancy, and you don't need to adapt and change too much (unlike most other sports). It's so good for you that you could swim every day — as long as you don't overexert yourself — right up until the end of the third trimester."

The author also shared that she didn't suffer from morning sickness early on in her pregnancy, unlike sister Kate Middleton.

"I was lucky to pass the 12-week scan without suffering from morning sickness," Pippa wrote. "That meant I was able to carry on as normal and continue most of my sports with better knowledge."

Middleton's child, her first with husband James Matthews, is reportedly due in October.

Photo Credit: Getty / Max Mumby/Indigo