Post Malone Gives Bittersweet Update Amid Hospitalization

Post Malone has been through the ringer recently due to a performance gone wrong in St. Louis, Missouri. After tumbling through the stage in the middle of his set, the musician learned that he injured his ribs. While he continued with the performance and appeared on subsequent stops on his tour, Malone was hospitalized in advance of his recent show in Boston. Now, he's offering an update to fans about his condition via Twitter. 

On the social media site, Malone, whose real name is Austin Post, shared that he's officially back on the road. In his tweet, he wrote that he will be able to perform at his next stop in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday night. The rapper said that he's looking forward to "singing the F*CK outta some songs." In other words, he's clearly on the mend after his recent hospitalization. 

Days before this update, Malone told his fans that he was hospitalized and, as a result, forced to postpone his stops in Boston, Massachusetts. He wrote on his Instagram Story, "Boston, I love y'all so f-ing much. On tour, I usually wake up around 4 o'clock PM, and today I woke up to a cracking sound on the right side of my body. I felt so good last night, but today it felt so different than it has before. I'm having a very difficult time breathing, and there's like a stabbing pain whenever I breathe or move." Malone continued to write that he was in the hospital and that due to the pain, he would be unable to perform. He noted that the show would be postponed and that tickets would be valid for the rescheduled date.

"Once again, I'm so f*cking sorry, I love y'all so much. I feel terrible, but I promise I'm going to make this up to you. I love you Boston, I'll see you soon. I'm so sorry. – Love Austy," he wrote. Prior to the postponement, Malone experienced a fall at his stop in St. Louis, Missouri. During the show, he fell through a hole on the stage. Despite the ordeal, he continued on with the rest of the show after a brief break. Even though this was an understandable accident, he still issued an apology to all of the fans who attended the show. 


"I just want to apologize to everyone in St. Louis. Next time I'm around this way we're going to do a two-hour show for you, so we can make up for the couple missed songs," Malone wrote. "Thank you guys for your support and thank you for your love. And thanks for hanging around even though I got my a** kicked by myself."