Pippa Middleton's Brother-in-Law Spencer Matthews Hides out in Vault During Armed Robbery

Pippa Middleton's brother-in-law, Spencer Matthews had a terrifying run-in with violence on Tuesday when armed robbers attacked a store he was shopping in.

Matthews is the younger brother of James Matthews, Middleton's husband. He has a considerable following on Instagram, both for his royal connections and his jewelry business. On Tuesday, he shared with that following his experience of getting caught up in an armed Robbery in London, England.

Matthews was at the Hour House, a luxury watch store in Marylebone when a small gang of crooks came in swinging "huge jackhammers." They came through the class on a motor scooter and began breaking display boxes to get at the treasures inside.

(Photo: Instagram @spencermatthews)

"I was in there picking up this vintage piece that I've been waiting for, for ages and these guys drive a scooter through the glass and start battering the shop with hammers, with huge hammers, wearing helmets," Matthews explained to his followers.

"We're in the back of the shop looking at them, sprint downstairs (and) hide in the vault until all the noise passes," he went on.

Matthews was reportedly able to wait out the robbery in a massive vault with other customers while the men upstairs got their grizzly work over with. He said that afterwards, the store was "just battered. I mean gonzo. All the watches gone."

(Photo: Instagram @spencermatthews)

"So, I just had to hide in a safe, or more like a vault downstairs," he said in summation. Matthews showed the destruction on his Instagram Story as well, with beads of shattered glass littering the floor and furniture overturned. The robbers left one of their sledgehammers behind, showing what must have been terrifying weapons for the surprise attack.

After all that, the robbery was reportedly a failure in the end. A spokesperson for Scotland Yard told PEOPLE that they had arrested three men on suspicion of the robbery. They were taken into custody "following reports that men armed with weapons drove to the premises on mopeds and smashed a window before stealing goods and fleeing."


As for Matthews, he picked through the rubble, fearing that the vintage watch he had had his eye on had "just been nicked." However, sifting through the glass on the floor, he found the $40,000 Rolex undamaged.

(Photo: Instagram @spencermatthews)

"Amongst all the rubble and all the glass and stuff there's one watch in the entire shop and it's mine," said Matthews. "Now, if that's not luck, I don't know what is!"