'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond's Nephew Seriously Injured After Ranch Accident

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's nephew has been admitted to the hospital and is in critical [...]

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's nephew has been admitted to the hospital and is in critical condition following an accident on Drummond Ranch. The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office reports that Drummond's nephew Caleb Drummond, 21, and husband, Ladd Drummond, 52, were involved in a collision on the farm while fighting a fire. They were driving separate vehicles and crashed "due to high winds across grass and gravel." Caleb was ejected 70 feet from his vehicle and was admitted to the local hospital in critical condition with head, abdomen, arm, and leg injuries.

The Pawhuska Fire Department confirmed to E! that Caleb was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Professionals also examined ladd, but he refused help on the scene and did not have any major injuries. Local news outlet News On 6 reported that the two vehicles hit each other head-on and each vehicle only had one firefighter in it, both of whom were ranch employees. They collided on each truck's driver-side. According to the News On 6 report, Osage Nation fire crews revealed that 200 acres of ranchland had been burned in the blaze.

Drummond has previously mentioned Caleb on her personal blog, celebrating his graduation from high school in 2018. "Caleb, my nephew, graduated Friday night! It was surreal; there's no way he's old enough to graduate from high school," Ree wrote in May 2018. "And then we did it again the next day for [our daughter] Paige!"

Drummond may have found fame as a celebrity chef with cookbooks, a TV show, and a housewares line, but she has spoken often in the past about what life on the farm is like. "Being on the ranch, absent the buildings and highways of cities, we're really able to see the four seasons of the year in all their dramatic glory," she explained.

While Drummond hasn't addressed the fires directly on her social media, she has been writing about farming's difficulty in the brutal winter months on her personal blog. "The past two or three weeks were all about surviving the brutal winter blast: Ladd and the cowboys were constantly taking care of the livestock, Todd and Jamar (and Paige, a couple of the days) were chopping ice in the ponds so the cattle could have water," Ree wrote on Feb. 24. "I (literally!) kept the home fires burning by feeding our fireplace 24/7—we didn't lose power, but our old house can't stand up to that kind of cold—and making food."

"Once it was all over and the weather started improving, Ladd and I were totally exhausted," she added. "We have been watching the clock in the evening, counting down the minutes until 9 p.m., when we feel like we can finally go to bed!"