Pink Suffers Unfortunate Injury Just Days Before Christmas

Singer Pink spent part of her Friday in a hospital after she fractured her ankle. The "Beautiful Trauma" singer shared a selfie from her hospital bed and tried to find the humor in the situation. Pink said she injured herself when she ran down her stairs to see the "Christmas Star," which will not be visible until Monday.

"As if surviving COVID wasn't enough for this poop sandwich of a year," Pink wrote. "Well, I got my stitches out from drying that wine glass, that went well. Then I recovered from my very first staph infection for no reason (cry for help?) (right knee was lonely?) so I thought I'd fracture my ankle! Later tonight I'm gonna climb inside a raw chicken and see if I can't check out what salmonella's like! 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving." After Pink explained how she got her injury, she wished everyone happy holidays. "Who wants a Negroni!" she wrote at the end.

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The "Christmas Star" is a rare event astronomers call the "great conjunction," and happens when Jupiter and Saturn are aligned in the sky, reports The two biggest planets in our solar system will align and be visible as a bright point of light on Monday night. This is the first time since 1623 that this has happened, but the first time since 1226 that it will be visible during the night. So it is easy to see why Pink would have run down the stairs to make sure she could see a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Pink's 2020 has not been easy, as she and son Jameson, 3, both tested positive for the coronavirus early on in the pandemic. Two weeks after they tested positive, Pink opened up about her symptoms and made a $500,000 donation to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia. She and Jameson both later tested negative.


Jameson's symptoms were serious, and Pink told Vanessa Inn in June she suffered a panic attack during the struggle. "I think this is really important for people right now with coronavirus — you know anxiety is rampant and panic attacks and just, we feel like the rug is being pulled out from under us a little bit right now and different people on different levels," the singer said in an Instagram Live interview with Inn. "I was on the phone with you and I was having one of my very first panic attacks and it was during the time where I was really afraid for Jameson and just exhausted from my adrenaline for 10 weeks of taking my temperature and wondering if I was gonna die."