Pink Reveals Her First Girlfriend Left Her for Her Brother

Pink's relationship with her first girlfriend ended on a sour note, the singer revealed on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Asked by a fan, "Have you ever gone in for a swim in the lady pond, and if so, do you still talk to her?" the 41-year-old star told Cohen about the awkward end to her first romance with a girl.

"My first girlfriend, I was 13, and she left me for my brother," Pink admitted. "Yeah, I was very confused by that because she kissed me first and that's gross." The "Raise Your Glass" singer has always declined to label her sexuality, telling The Guardian in 2017, "I just wanna live my life. I don't need you to put me in a box or to figure me out or to figure out what I am. 'Cause I don't know yet.. and I never say never."

Since 2006, Pink has been married to her husband, Carey Hart, but the two briefly separated in 2008 before announcing their reconciliation in 2010. Pink's hit song "So What" was about their breakup, she told Cohen, and while it was difficult to get him to agree, Hart did appear in the music video. "Actually yes [it was difficult] because we weren't together and we hadn't spoken in months," Pink shared. "He didn't hear the song before the video."

There were a few alterations to the song the star made on set to ensure Hart went through with the video. "As we were filming, I had the line, 'And you're a tool,' taken out, so he never heard that line either as we were filming," she admitted. "It was a little shady. I'm OK with it. He's a good sport. He's got thick skin."

Earlier this month, Pink opened up to PEOPLE about how she and Hart have made their marriage work as the two celebrated their 15th anniversary. "When you first get together, you look at that person as your entire world," she told the outlet. "One person can't be your entire world. You have to have your own passions, your own friends, your own time to yourself. I used to be super needy. Now we expect less of each other, and that allows us to give each other more somehow."


Pink continued that she's a "huge proponent" of counseling, both individually and together. "Long-term relationships are not easy," she explained. "It is much easier to stay in the solid days and jump from relationship to relationship, because then you don't have to fix the problems that keep recurring. You have to end up fixing yourself; you can't fix the other person."