Phoebe Bridgers Reveals Recent Abortion as Supreme Court Drafts Opinion to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Phoebe Bridgers talked about her abortion in October and described how abortion access is crucial for everyone in light of the news that the Supreme Court is expected to overturn Roe v. Wade next month. On May 3, Bridgers, 27, posted an Instagram Story about her experience.

"I had an abortion in October of last year while I was on tour," the singer wrote. "I went to Planned Parenthood where they gave me the abortion pill. It was easy. Everyone deserves that kind of access." Bridgers also provided a link to "a big list of places where donations can be made right now" to fund abortions in states with limited access.

She shared her feelings hours after the Supreme Court announced its intention to overturn Roe v. Wade in a draft opinion confirmed as authentic by Chief Justice John Roberts that morning. Until a final decision is made, which is most likely in late June, abortion remains an American constitutional right. Still, if Roe is overturned, at least 23 states would outlaw or severely restrict the procedure.

Bridgers referred her followers to a recent The Cut article entitled "Donate to an Abortion Fund Right Now." The post provides a state-by-state list of abortion rights organizations that anyone can contribute to online, including Access Reproductive Care-SoutheastWomen's Medical Fund, and the Clinic Access Support Network.

In the past, Bridgers has been a vocal advocate for abortion rights. In October, she released a cover of Bo Burnham's "That Funny Feeling" after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy to benefit Texas Abortion Funds. This charity shares donations between 10 abortion clinics and organizations helping people in the state obtain abortions. "This one's for Greg Abbott," she wrote on Instagram when she released the song.


After the leaked draft, Bridgers joined Amy Schumer and Whoopi Goldberg, among other celebrities who spoke out in favor of abortion rights. Actor Rosanna Arquette tweeted, "Get your Boots off our wombs," and Josh Gad wrote, "Make no mistake. A majority in this country are angry tonight. Not a small majority. A giant majority." He continued, "I am seeing that rage. I am hearing that rage. I am feeling that rage. And to all scared women tonight, I will fight for you & with you. I will fight like hell. We all must."