Paris Jackson Sports Bunny Ears With Boyfriend Days After Hospitalization

Paris Jackson looked perfectly at ease on an outing with boyfriend Gabriel Glenn on Tuesday, sporting a pair of bunny ears.

Jackson has been in the headlines a lot recently, between conflicting reports of a suicide attempt and hospitalization, and the new allegations against her late father in HBO's documentary Leaving Neverland. On Tuesday, she and Glenn went out to a Bunny Ears comedy show in Los Angeles, and Jackson wore a headband with the signature ears peaking up over her head.

Bunny Ears is a satirical comedy brand founded and run by Macaulay Culkin. It consists of humorous articles, videos and podcasts — one of which Jackson was out to see on Tuesday night. The first ever live Bunny Ears podcast recording took place in an L.A. comedy club, and Jackson and Glenn were among the fans in attendance.

Jackson's ears were not out of place at the show, which typically involves Culkin and his guests sporting the fuzzy headwear. In this case, it looks like neither Culkin nor his special guest, Weird Al Yankovich, wore them. Still, fans were concerned as pictures emerged on Wednesday morning, showing the troubled Jackson in her headband out of context.

Jackson quietly told reporters from TMZ that "yes," everything is going okay for her right now. She avoided cameras and questions, and after the show, dove straight into the car with her hand over her face. The outlet was the first to report that Jackson had attempted suicide on Saturday and then been hospitalized, and she has raged against their coverage.

Sources close to the 20-year-old also told reporters that Jackson had been put on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold at the hospital, which she quickly disproved with a selfie on her Instagram Story. She condemned their coverage on Twitter without being specific, but on Tuesday night suggested that every aspect of their reporting was a "lie."

"They didn't get the crazy reaction they wanted from the doc, and a chill, mellow reaction doesn't sell stories so why not lie and create a story that does sell?" she tweeted. "Pathetic."


Sources are still telling the outlet that Jackson is struggling with the documentary and the ensuing fallout, and her friends are encouraging her to go back to rehab. She is reportedly refusing.

Jackson has been candid in the past about her history with substance abuse, her struggles with mental health and her sexual assault at a young age. She has spent time in rehab facilities before.