Paramedics Respond to Bob Barker's Home After He Suffers Fall

An ambulance was called to Bob Barker's Los Angeles home earlier this month, TMZ reports, after [...]

An ambulance was called to Bob Barker's Los Angeles home earlier this month, TMZ reports, after another health scare for The Price Is Right host.

Sources said that the game show alum slipped and fell at his Hollywood Hills home and that paramedics rushed to the scene after someone called 911; he was not transported to the hospital.

Barker, 95, was reportedly given the all-clear and was receiving in-home care for his injuries from a prior fall. TMZ reports that he's regaining his strength after his fall in 2017 in which he slipped and hit his head in the bathroom of his home. He received medical treatment at the hospital after that incident and was released a few hours later.

Toward the end of 2018, Barker was hospitalized twice — once in October and once in November — both of which had to do with severe back pain, which was related to the 2017 fall.

Following his hospitalization in November, Barker's team said he was "doing okay."

"He's alert, awake and resting comfortably," Barker's representative told PEOPLE, adding that the recent hospitalization was "a continuation of his back [problem] from last month."

Barker also fell at home in October 2015 while he was walking outside near his home. That fall resulted in a one-and-a-half-inch laceration on his forehead and an injured knee, which required treatment at the hospital.

Barker retired from The Price is Right in 2007, after more than five decades in television and 35 years on the game show. At the time, he said his age was the reason he chose to retire.

"I've gone on and on and on to this ancient age because I've enjoyed it. I've thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm going to miss it," he said. "I'm just reaching the age where the constant effort to be there and do the show physically is a lot for me. I might be able to do the show another year, but better [to leave] a year too soon than a year too late."

Last month, fans freaked out when Barker's name was trending on Twitter for his 95th birthday, with many having thought his name was trending for more grim reasons. Many shared their relief on social media when they realized it was simply his birthday.

"My God. For a second there I thought Bob Barker died," one Twitter user wrote. "Turns out it's his 95th Birthday."

"Oh my God I saw Bob Barker was trending and I actually cried thinking he had died, thank you sweet Jesus he's fine!" another wrote.

Fans are now hoping the TV legend stays healthy from here on out.

Photo credit: Amanda Edwards / Stringer / Getty Images