Michael Jackson's Son Blanket is All Grown up in Rare New Photo

Michael Jackson's kids are well-known public figures, for the most part, but one has managed to [...]

Michael Jackson's kids are well-known public figures, for the most part, but one has managed to elude the public eye. Blanket Jackson has maintained a relatively private life, which only makes fans of his famous family more eager to catch a glimpse of him when possible.

The 17-year-old recently made a rare appearance in a photo posted on brother Prince Jackson's Instagram account, and the Internet went nuts. The photo appears to have been taken during a family outing to see Avengers: Endgame in theaters. Blanket, the youngest of the Jackson siblings, can be seen standing near the center of the photo, just below the Marvel Studios sign. Prince, 22, did not tag his little brother in the picture, but eagle-eyed fans spotted him almost immediately.

"Prince and.. Blanket oh gosh," one commenter wrote.

"ahhh BIGI [Blanket] is so tall! can't believe we're the same age," another said.

"Love u Prince and Blanket," a third Instagram commenter added.

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Blanket has made only occasional appearances on social media. In 2017, sister Paris Jackson marked her younger brother's birthday with an Instagram tribute. As reported by Refinery 29, the 21-year-old posted a throwback image of herself and her siblings pulling silly faces as kids. She captioned the image, since deleted from the social media platform, "Ughhhhhh my little man is 15 today."

"Slow the f--- down. I want you to stay a baby forever. This 'lil dude right here is one of [the] most strong, intelligent, and determined people I know. Watching you grow up and slowly become a man is like super-terrifying but I honestly can't tell you how proud I am. I love you so much, B," Paris added.

Months earlier, she shared a photo of herself along with Prince, Blanket and family friend Omer Bhatti, on her Instagram, according to E! Online. The picture was taken ahead of the Christmas holiday.

"happy christmas from ours to yours," the model/actress captioned the image, using the hashtag "brahdas" to refer to her siblings.

The youngest of the Jackson siblings has also abstained from public appearances over the years. E! Online noted that Blanket, whom Radar Online reported changed his name to B.G. or Bigi due to bullying, attends a private school in Los Angeles, and lives in his 87-year-old grandmother, Katherine Jackson's, mansion. Katherine was named Blanket's legal guardian after his father died in 2009.

In October 2017, she filed paperwork to change that, citing her age. ABC News obtained documents in which Katherine said she believed co-guardian T.J. Jackson is now "able to assume all necessary responsibilities of the guardianship." The decision rested in the hands of a judge.