Mia Khalifa Posts Saucy Snap, And The Reactions Are Intense

Social media personality and former adult film actress Mia Khalifa gave fans another steamy photo, and the reactions started flooding in.

8 - 0 - fuckin' - 8

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The busty shot shows Khalifa ready to go to Future concert in a tight-fitting grey shirt and a gold chain necklace. She's giving the camera an intense stare, that many commentors took note of.

"Look(ing) like you wanna f--- up the camera lmao," one fan said.

This is far from he first time she blew up social media from a sensual upload. (She's also no stranger to stirring up conversation on the web, either.)

The selfie currently has 148,000 likes and numerous comments.

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However, Instagram wasn't the only place she showed off the outfit.

She shared an almost identical photo of the outfit on Twitter, along with another photo of herself taken at the Future show.


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Her 1.6 million Twitter followers seemed infatuated with the shots, as well. Some fans sent compliments, other some more crude comments and at least one sent a super expressive John Cena gif.