Melissa Etheridge's Children: What to Know

Melissa Etheridge recently experienced a tragedy, as she told her fans on Wednesday that her son, Beckett Cypher, had died. He was 21. This somber news has prompted many conversations surrounding Etheridge and her family life. But, what exactly do you need to know about Etheridge and her children?

Tragedy struck Etheridge and her family when her son died at the age of 21 after a battle with opioid addiction. On Instagram, she confirmed the news of her son's passing with an emotional statement. In her message, she wrote, in part, "He will be missed by those who loved him, his family and friends. My heart is broken. I am grateful for those who have reached out with condolences and I feel their love and sincere grief." Etheridge shared Cypher with her ex-partner, Julie Cypher, with whom she also shares a daughter Bailey.

Etheridge has welcomed four children — Bailey Cypher, Beckett Cypher, and twins Miller Etheridge and Johnnie Etheridge. The singer welcomed her first two children, Bailey and Beckett, with her former partner Julie. Both of the children were born via artificial insemination, and their biological father is David Crosby. In 2000, both Etheridge and Crosby sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes during which they discussed their family situation, per Variety. At the time, the "I'm the Only One" singer also touched upon the fact that her eldest children would not be raised with a male parent in the home. She said that she did not believe that her children would be "wanting in any way" because they wouldn't have a father in the house with them every day. She added, "What they have in the home is two loving parents. I think that puts them ahead of the game."


Etheridge and Julie later separated, and the musician then began a relationship with Tammy Lynn Michaels, with whom she held a commitment ceremony in 2003. In 2006, Etheridge and Michaels welcomed two children together, a daughter named Johnnie and a son named Miller. The couple split in 2010. When it comes to Etheridge's parenting style, she shocked some fans in 2017 when she shared that she smokes pot with her two eldest children. While her comments garnered some criticism, she later clarified that she would never do anything that would cause harm to her loved ones. She told PEOPLE that her children are her "priority" and added, "I love my children. They are four of the most amazing human beings on earth. I live a very blessed life. I would never want to harm any of them."