Megyn Kelly Slams Joaquin Phoenix Recycling Awards Tux

Just over a year after Megyn Kelly was fired from her position on Megyn Kelly Today for defending blackface, she's now making headlines yet again after her comments toward Joker star, Joaquin Phoenix. It was recently announced by stylist Stella McCartney that the actor would be collaborating with her and only wearing one tuxedo throughout the entire award season, which just kicked off this week with the Golden Globes and will end with the Oscars on Feb. 9.

PETA even sided with the actors choice saying, "This is SO amazing! He is a true winner in the hearts of animals AND humans [heart heart and world emoji] His dedication to creating a kinder future for all is inspiring EVERYONE to make compassionate changes [three clap hands] Thank you for creating a #vegansuit that will shine all award season."

While several flocked in support of his decision, there are many others who felt the celebrities were too out of touch from everyone else, including Kelly. The news personality sided with Fox Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean who wrote, "My husband and his co-workers wear the same firefighter outfit when they go into burning buildings to try to save people. But yeah, good for you Joaquin and Stella."

Another fan sided with the ladies: "So far removed from reality. There's kids, both sides of the pond, going to school with holes in their shoes, hungry -- and this is the level of praise some operate at? -- wearing something more than once??!! Wow!!!"


While there are many who sided with Kelly, there were plenty others who called her out, questioning her on how many charities she's donated to that have helped the environment, along with how many dresses she's worn only once.