Meghan Trainor Talks 'Emotional' Experience of Being a New Mother (Exclusive)

Meghan Trainor became a mother in February as she and her husband, Daryl Sabara, welcomed their son Riley to the world. And while the 27-year-old singer and TV personality has accomplished a lot in her career, being a mom is on top of the list. recently caught up with Trainor, who talked about the experience of having a baby boy.

"I knew he would be awesome and it'd be like my dream," Trainor said to PopCulture. "I literally get to have him fall asleep in my arms at night and then I put him in his SNOO and I cry tears of joy because I'm too emotional and my hormones are all over the place, but I'm like, this is all I've ever wanted. But then on top of it, I've also found this new, burst of energy and motivation to just better myself in every way. And I never have had that ever until I had this baby. It's like looking at him, I'm like, 'I want to accomplish the world for you.' You know? To inspire him."

Trainor also revealed the biggest challenge of being a new mom. "I guess, I miss sleep now," she explained. "I used to, like, sleep in a lot and people know me as, I'll let her sleep in and then we'll go to work. And now I'm a 5:00 a.m. club. I get up at 5:00 a.m. I do my two workouts and then I get ready for work. So, I've changed. Everyone around me is like, we're just impressed with who you are now. And I'm like, it's all that kid, man. Just looking at him just makes me want to get on the treadmill."

While Trainor is taking care of Riley, she is keeping busy with new projects, including three different TV series and writing new music. Trainor revealed there are days where it can be challenging to balance work and being there for her son, but she knows he is taken care of when she has to be away from him.


"Obviously, there'll be long days at work on set where I'm like, ah man, I haven't had a break in like three hours and I wonder how my kid is doing," Trainor said. "But, I also have the best husband who is with him 24/7. And my mom who's watching him and my entire team is his family now. So, I know he's in good hands and I feel comfortable with that, and any break I get, my husband wheels him out to me in his stroller and he's like, 'Look it.' And then I go, 'Oh yeah, that's why I'm doing this.' My motivation. And my work is really fun, you know? I'm lucky."