Meghan Markle's Nephew Snaps Ankle During Drunken Bar Brawl

The bar fight that left Meghan Markle's nephew injured was more serious than it first seemed, and may leave him incapacitated for some time.

The Duchess' family on her father's side has continued to stir up eye-catching headlines, including her young nephew Tyler Dooley. The cannabis farmer turned reality star was embroiled in a fight outside of a bar with 20 other people last week, according to a report by TMZ, and new details on his injured leg reveal how gruesome it really was.

Dooley fell to the ground in the scuffle, and his ankle was badly broken. The 26-year-old made an effort to stand up and walk, but he could not support himself on the shattered joint.

Police said that Dooley was extremely drunk and did not react to the pain of the fracture. They feared he would make it worse by trying to "walk it off" and forced him to take an ambulance to the nearest hospital.

The outlet published video footage of Dooley's grizzly accident, though fair warning: It is graphic. In addition, witnesses said that he repeatedly bragged about being able to afford the emergency ambulance ride.

"I have a Rolex. I can pay for this," he said.

Dooley's accident came just hours before his cousin gave birth to a royal baby across the Atlantic Ocean. At the time, he told reporters from The Sun that the story circulating was "not entirely accurate." He said that he had not been injured "during a fight" but refused to specify what had really happened.

“I’m not a victim. The disturbance is completely separate from me," he said.

Dooley has caused his fair share of uproar in the press before. The young Oregon native is an entrepreneur, taking part in the Pacific northwest's growing marijuana industry. He found his way onto MTV's reality series The Royal World last year, along with others who are tangentially related to the royal family.

Before that, Markle was best known for getting caught with a three-and-a-half-inch Buck knife on him in London, when he visited last May during Markle's wedding. At the time, he told police that he had forgotten he had the blade on him.

“It was a complete accident. I’m a hunter and a fisherman, so I carry the knife around with me at home," he said. "I had no idea it was in my trousers when I was in London. We were in line at the club, and everyone was getting searched. I felt around and realised the knife was in my pocket, so I asked the security guy if he could hang onto it for me."


"He looked at me like I was crazy – like I had just committed murder!" Dooley went on. "In the States I have a handgun on me every single day. It is normal – we live in the country.”

Dooley has not commented on the newly released footage of his fall.