Megan Fox Speaks out After Getting 'Socially Crucified' for Fake Anti-Mask Post

Megan Fox fired back at the Internet at large on Friday, when a fake post with conspiracy theories about face masks was attributed to her. Fox posted a message on her Instagram Story confirming that the viral message did not really come from her, and condemning those that had tried to frame her. She asked followers to question why she had been "socially crucified" so quickly before anyone did their due diligence.

The fake post that started this whole ordeal was made to look like a screenshot of a Notes app, framed by Fox's verified Instagram header and caption. It was fabricated using one of her older posts and circulated on social media by pranksters, but the backlash it drew was real. Fox posted her rebuttal on her Instagram Story within hours, writing: "I've never made any statements regarding wearing masks. Scary that you can go viral and possibly be socially crucified for something you haven't done. The internet is so FUN."

The fake post that convinced so many viewers read: "I noticed comments on social media questioning my decision to 'not wear a mask' in public. While I appreciate the concern of my fans and others, it is ultimately my decision to trust the universe to keep me and my family safe. We are okay. The fans I met did not have any issues and if they did, I would have gladly given them space or put one on since I always carry one with me for the comfort of other people. Ultimately, I do not think bullying is the way to go about this. Please respect our beliefs, values, privacy."

Social media sleuths eventually figured out that the note was fake because it was attached to a caption that Fox had posted back in 2014. The original was under a graphic reading: "a hateful journey cannot have a peaceful end," and it was a general enough message of positivity to fool some folks. "How can we expect to receive blessings in our lives when we are the authors of others suffering?" it read. "Stop slandering. Stop bullying."


Fox has not said anything more about the fake post since Friday, and has not posted on her main Instagram feed since Valentine's Day. The actress continues to come up in discussions about the treatment of young female celebrities, and now fans are unpacking this latest incident in real time.