Source Claims Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp Have Reportedly Split

Could this be the end for Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp? A source told Radar Online that the two have split amid their engagement after they have not been seen together in public for nearly three months. "They had a massive blowup, with both of them screaming at each other about all the issues that have kept them from marrying all these years," a source told that publication. "So Meg just told John to hit the highway!"

The When Harry Met Sally actress and the "Hurts So Good" singer have a long history together. They first broke up in 2014 after a three-year romance, but reunited in 2017 after Mellencamp dated supermodel Christie Brinkley.

"They never stopped loving each other, but their problems didn't go away when they got back together," the source said.

The source said that Ryan, 57, has always been wary of Mellencamp's unwillingness to commit to her and her life in New York City. "The truth is John really is a 'Small Town' guy. As much as he loved Meg, he couldn't be comfortable living in the largest city in the world," the source said, adding that he frequently flies back home to Indiana.

"He would go to his hometown in Seymour to clear his head. Sometimes John wouldn't even let Meg know he was there until after his plane landed," the insider said. "It would drive her crazy."

Other sources told Radar that Mellencamp, 68, bristled at Ryan's supposed attempts to modify his look. "She didn't like John's clothes, which were too worn and shabby for her taste," a source said, adding, "Meg bought him a whole new wardrobe, but he kept on wearing the same old jeans! John hated being told what to do and how to look."

Friends of the couple are reportedly worried that they have broken up for good. "They've had more than their share of ups and downs, breakups and makeups, but friends worry this time there might be no going back," the source said.

A representative for Mellencamp denied Radar's story, while representatives for Ryan did not respond to a request for comment.

Mellencamp and Ryan got engaged in November 2018, with Ryan taking to Instagram to confirm the news after she was photographed wearing her engagement ring out and about in New York City. "ENGAGED!" she captioned a photo of a cute stick-figure illustration of the couple.

Mellencamp has been open about his dislike of New York City, telling Rolling Stone in December 2013 that he is "too sensitive to live there."

"I can't see poor people. I can't stand the suffering. I can't see the trash on the streets," he said, adding that he also doesn't like the paparazzi attention Ryan gets there. I'm not leaving Indiana. I'm going to die here," he said.

Ryan was previously married to actor Dennis Quaid, with whom she shares a son. The couple finalized their divorce in 2001. She has also been linked to Russell Crowe.


Likewise, Mellencamp has also been married and divorced. He was married to Priscilla Esterline — with whom he shares daughter Michelle — from 1970 to 1981 and to Victoria Granucci — with whom he shares daughters Teddi Jo and Justice — from 1981 to 1989. He married model Elaine Irwin in 1992 and separated 18 years later in December 2010. Their divorce became official in August 2011. He and Irwin share sons Hud and Speck.

Photo credit: Josiah Kamau / Contributor / Getty