Martha Stewart's 'No Facelift' Selfies Spark Backlash

Martha Stewart is sparking controversy with her latest Instagram post. Stewart posted a series of selfies to show off her glowing skin, which she said hasn't been affected by a "face lift." But, fans have taken to the comments section of the post to implore her to be "honest" about her skincare routine. 

Stewart first posted a selfie that she took when she was getting her hair done by Frederic Fekkai. She mentioned that she wanted to take some photos the lighting was "perfect." Stewart wrote that her skin has been looking good thanks to "a mostly dry January" and pilates every other day. The lifestyle icon also noted that she didn't filter her selfie, which she has since made her profile picture on Instagram. 

In a subsequent post, Stewart shared more selfies and opened up even further about her beauty regimen. She captioned the post by sharing how she keeps her skin looking so great, writing, "Un filtered. No face lift. Great derms my whole life. Currently dr Daniel Belkin and dr Dhaval Bhanusali great diet." Stewart continued to write that she always exercises and has been getting facials from Mario Badescu for the past four decades. Even though she shared how she keeps her skin in its glowing state, some wondered whether she was being particularly truthful. More specifically, some individuals took to the comments section to suggest that Stewart may have gotten some other work done to improve her appearance. 

"You look amazing but be honest about your facial regimen," one person wrote. "Using Botox, fillers, laser treatments, etc. to help enhance your beauty it's not just diet, exercise and facials." Another individual commented, "Martha you do look great, but you have to admit that you did have some surgery." While there were many who took issue with Stewart's message, others found her advice to ring true. As one fan noted, their grandmother is in the same boat as Stewart, as they wrote, "Hey guys my nana is 84 and at 81 she had skin like Martha. My grandma took care of herself ate right and used the right things good for Martha i say."

Stewart's makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, also defended her in the comments. He remarked that when he has worked with her in the past, he's noticed how great her skin looks. Buckle wrote, "Don't defend your beauty,,, every time I have done your makeup I have been impressed by your beautiful skin."