Marlon Wayans Blames 'Devil' Donald Trump for California Wildfires

Marlon Wayans has had enough of President Donald Trump, who he describes with satanic imagery.

TMZ chatted with the Marlon star while at LAX and broke the news to him that Trump was in California to survey damages caused by the recent wildfires throughout the state. Wayans, 46, scoffed at the idea and compared him to "the devil."

"It's his fault," Wayans said." I want a picture of that. The devil in front of fire."

When asked for further comment on the POTUS, he grimaced and simply revealed he was tired of Trump.

"I'm Trumped out," he said.

This is not the first time Wayans has expressed his distaste for Trump. Before Trump was ever elected, the comedian gave a scathing critique of the then-candidate. He recognized why people were supporting Trump, but described his views as "ridiculous."

"The things that he says. Who created this guy? How did you get rich again?" Wayans told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2016. "He's a character, but you know what I will say about him? I think people are attracted to him (because) he says what's on his mind. Now, no matter how ridiculous those things are, he says 'em. He says the things that some people think, and they're too afraid to say. And honestly, some of the things he says, he should be afraid to say. He needs a filter. But I see the attraction. He ain't gon' get my vote, but..."

He also sympathized with white people who were against Trump, saying he saw the frustration they faced when Trump said something insensitive or racist about minority groups.

"Donald Trump makes me sad for white people," Wayans said. "'Cause every time he talks, I see white people go 'God, not this. Shut up. Just shut up. Oh geez, I wish I was black today. Oh God, I'll take the police beatings. Just shut him up.'"

He added, "Donald Trump is the Flavor Flav of white people. He's like the most embarrassing dude."

Trump traveled to Paradise, California, to see the damage and meet with state governor Gavin Newsom, governor-elect Gavin Newsom and local emergency responders.

"Incredible to be with our GREAT HEROES today in California," Trump wrote on Twitter. "We will always be with you!"

The White House has not reacted to Wayans' remarks as of press time.


Photo Credit: Getty Images / Noel Vasquez