Comedian Mark Curry's Ford Bronco Crushed by Tree

Comedian Mark Curry's Ford Bronco took a beating from Mother Nature on Wednesday after a large tree fell and crushed it during a massive rain storm in the Los Angeles area.

Tree fell on the old school Bronco got to laff it off #fordbronco #treecrew #fallentree

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As documented on Curry's Instagram account, the fallen tree was so massive that the fire department had to assist with cleanup duty. Rather than buzz through the tree with their large circular saw, however, the fire department instead chopped through the hood of the car.

In a video, a firefighter used a giant saw to cut through the hood of the '95 Bronco. "It's alright, girl!" Curry shouted from behind the camera as sparks flew from the saw. At that point, Curry flipped the phone around to his wide-eyed face and said, "Oh, my."

"A TREE FELL ON MY BRONCO RIP 1995- 2018" Curry wrote alongside a video of the car.


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"I just lost my Ford Bronco today to a tree," Curry said in the video. "Check this out."

In the video, the car's alarm was going off while firefighters and Curry inspected the damage.

(Photo: Instagram / @therealmarkcurry)

"RIP “FORD BRONCO !# fordbronco a tree fell on it crazy," Curry captioned another photo.

"Wow, Sorry about that brotha!" one fan wrote.

"I'm glad you're okay and didn't get hurt," another said.

"As long as no body got hurt. It's just a truck," someone else commented.

"Thank God you weren’t in there at the time," someone said.

It doesn't look as if anyone was injured or inside the vehicle at the time of the storm.

"Tree fell on the old school Bronco got to laff it off," Curry wrote.

The Hangin' with Mr. Cooper star didn't seem to be too bent out of shape over the totaled car, but then again, Curry has seen worse tragedy than an old demolished car.


In 2006, Curry suffered severe burns to his arms and upper body after a can of aerosol spray exploded behind a hot water heater in his laundry room. He reportedly spent three days in a medically-induced coma while his condition stabilized. He had second-degree burns covering nearly 20% of his body, according to Michigan Live.

In his first interview after the accident more than a decade ago, Curry quipped, “I’m using this as fuel. That first day, I said ‘bring me a notebook,’ and I’ve been writing ever since.”