Mandy Moore Reveals Video of Herself Getting a Mold Made of Her Face

This Is Us fans know that Mandy Moore spends a major part of her time on the show as the older [...]

This Is Us fans know that Mandy Moore spends a major part of her time on the show as the older version of her character, Rebecca Pearson, and aging the 34-year-old actress is no easy task.

To help speed things up, Moore recently had a mold of her face taken, though that process looked pretty time consuming as well.

The actress documented the process in a video shared to Instagram, with Moore sitting in a chair wearing what seems to be a garbage bag on her torso as her head and neck are covered in various substances followed by strips of plaster to create the mold.

"Just your typical Wednesday. (This process was nearly an hour and was pretty claustrophobic for someone who doesn't really have that fear)," Moore shared, adding that the mold was taken for the FX company that does the show's prosthetics to have a mold of her face.

While the process may have been uncomfortable, it will likely be worth it for Moore if it allows her to spend a little less time in the makeup chair when she has to transform into the older version of her character, something she said she did 20 times in the show's second season alone.

"I love that I'm given this opportunity to play this character from 25 to 68," she told Variety. "That's so unheard of. So I don't begrudge the process that comes along with it."

Moore's time as older Rebecca sees her navigate sometimes difficult conversations with her adult children, Kate (Chrissy Metz), Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley).

"If I'm in age makeup, something dramatic has happened," Moore explained. "I'm being confronted by my son about the fact that I've been lying to him, meeting his biological father and pretending I don't know him, talking about the anniversary of my husband's death."

That transformation is a three-hour process involves adding wrinkles to Moore's skin, painting on age spots and applying prosthetics before fitting on Moore's wig. While the 34-year-old is currently the only actor on the show to undergo the procedure at such a constant rate, things might soon change for her castmates, with Brown already having transformed into his character's older self for a scene.

"It gives me a kernel of satisfaction that other people now know what it's like," Moore admitted.

Photo Credit: Getty / Axelle/Bauer-Griffin