Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman's 'Warts and All' Courtroom Sketches Draw in Strong Reaction From Social Media

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman's "warts and all" courtroom sketches have drawn in strong reactions from social media.

The renderings were done by artist Mona Shafer Edwards, who has been working as a courtroom sketch artist for many years.

Her newest ones, however, have been the talk of the internet for the past couple of days, as Yahoo! notes.

Most people have complimented the sketches, with one person tweeting, "Lori Loughlin looks amazing in the courtroom sketch."

"I wish they allow cameras in Federal Courts. I saw the Courtroom Sketch Drawing of [Lori Loughlin] in court, she had on glasses," one other person noted.

At least one person noted that Loughlin's sketch had an uncanny similarity to the current First Lady of the United States.

"Are we just going to pretend that Lori Loughlin's courtroom sketch doesn't look *exactly* like Melania Trump?" the user jokingly asked

According to AOL, Edwards spoke about the experience of drawing the actresses during their courtroom appearances and shared that they were "very, very different."

"Totally different attitude, expression and the way that the body was held," she went on to say, explaining that Loughlin sat with her arms crossed and appeared irritated.

"Kind of a defensive deflection like: Don't touch me. What am I doing here? Where are my people? When am I getting out? It was so defiant," Edwards said. "Loughlin came off, and I think it showed in my drawings, a little arrogant. An illustrator can bring that out maybe more than a camera. However, I wasn't being subjective. I was just drawing what I saw." She adds: "The way people stand, their body language, their attitude — it all plays a part in an illustration."

Huffman, on the other hand, was more passive and shy. "She didn't have the time element Loughlin had," Edwards noted. "So obviously she didn't have time to call a makeup artist and say, 'Hey, can you make me look great for court today.' "


"I think Huffman was more authentic and genuine," Edwards added, then saying that she was "kind of concerned about the Loughlin drawing. I was thinking I made her too stern. But that's what she looked like. There's this thin line about whether I want to please the public and draw something [they'd like to see] or draw something warts and all and I choose [the latter]."

The actresses are expected to be back in court — in Boston, Massachusetts — on March 29.