Lizzo Wears Matching Mask, Gloves for Sultry Poolside Bikini Photos Amid Quarantine

Lizzo is making the most of her quarantine period, as she showcased with her most recent Instagram posts. On Saturday, the singer posted photos of herself donning a tropical bikini and hanging out by the pool. Her posts came alongside several body-positive messages that are sure to uplift her fans.

Lizzo first posted a slideshow of herself in a revealing bikini look, showing off her summer body in the process. The snaps even showcased her quarantine-ready accessories, as she also wore matching gloves and a mask. She captioned the photos by telling her fans, "Welcome to summer 2020." The "Truth Hurts" singer then posted a brief clip of herself twerking in the pool as Roddy Rich's "High Fashion" played in the background. Her clip featured yet another summer-focused, body-positive caption, which read, "Go look in the mirror. That body *is* your summer body. Now twerk w me ho!" Lastly, she made yet another post on Saturday, which featured even more photos from her pool session, and the snaps looked like they were straight out of a glamour shoot.

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Like everyone else stuck in quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Lizzo is making the best of her situation. Just because she's quarantining at the moment doesn't mean that she isn't still booked and busy, though. The singer recently released her sunglasses collaboration with the Australian eyewear brand Quay, which dropped on Wednesday. According to her interview with Vogue, her partnership with the brand has given herself a rare and glamorous moment of escapism amidst this global health crisis.


Lizzo told Vogue that it was exciting merely to receive the photos of herself donning her Quay sunglasses, as it provided for a glamorous moment amidst a very un-glamorous situation. She told the publication, "It's nice to have something to do that still feels glamorous—even when I received the photos of me in the sunglasses, it was exciting. It's difficult to toe the line of what feels appropriate and inappropriate right now, but sometimes it's nice to just post a photo of yourself looking hot if you know what I mean?" The singer added, "I think you just have to trust that everybody can tell the difference—you can tell when it's real, and when someone's not feeling 100%."