Lizzo Fans Can't Get Enough of Her Tiny 'CBS This Morning' Coffee Cup

Lizzo has another tiny accessory to go along with her big personality. The 'Good as Hell' singer [...]

Lizzo has another tiny accessory to go along with her big personality. The "Good as Hell" singer stopped by CBS This Morning on Thursday, where co-anchors Gayle King, Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil gifted her with a tiny CBS branded coffee mug.

"We thought you needed a little cup to go along with your little purse," Mason said to a laughing Lizzo.

"There's eight ounces of coffee in here, how'd you do that?" she joked before cheering the co-anchors, each of whom had their own tiny cups as well. Fans who tuned in for the interview immediately took to Twitter to gush over the fun moment.

The tiny cup comes a few weeks after Lizzo lit up social media by bringing the teeniest of Valentino purses with her to the American Music Awards — "big enough for my f—s to give," she said at the time.

The 31-year-old, who was nominated for more 2020 Grammy Awards than any other artist, sat down on CBS This Morning to talk about her success in the midst of a news cycle that has included headline after headline with her name in it.

During her appearance, she responded to criticism of a controversial outfit she wore to a Los Angeles Lakers game on Sunday night that revealed her bare backside. "It's their opinion, so it's not for me to really ingest," she said of those who have argued that she shouldn't have worn such a provocative outfit to a basketball game. She also added that she "had all the layers down there," clarifying that "it wasn't just flesh to seat, contrary to popular belief."

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"But, um, yeah. It [her backside] was out."

"I got up and did what I always do," she continued of the moment she was shown dancing on the jumbotron, her bare backside on full display. "Anyone who knows me knows that this is how I've always been. This is how I've always liked to dress."

She went on to explain previous body image issues she had in the past and how she's happy to have learned to embrace her body, a message she spreads to in her body-positive anthems.

"You know how long it took me to fall in love with this body?" she asked. "My butt was my least favorite thing about myself and I learned to love it. And now it's the thing everybody can't stop talking about."

As far as what message she'd like her fans to hear, she said, "Be you. Do you. Don't ever let anybody steal your joy, especially not the internet."