Lizzo Defended by 'Good Place' Star Jameela Jamil After Troll's Insult

After coming to her defense following her controversial Lakers outfit, Good Place star Jameela Jamil is again speaking out in support of Lizzo. After online trolls attempted to blast the "Truth Hurts" singer's body, sharing a video of someone who wasn't actually the singer, the actress took to Twitter Tuesday to hit back, calling it "madness" and praising Lizzo for having "done so much good for this world."

In the video that Jamil slammed, a woman could be seen jumping onto a table to break it, with the person who posted it writing, "lizzo swear she in wwe."

The comment was met with a wave of backlash, with users accusing the tweeter of "fat shaming" and praising the woman in the video for being "beautiful and they’re having fun."

After the flurry of support and Jamil’s tweet, Lizzo sent a note of appreciation to her defenders.

A longtime supporter of body positivity, with many of her anthems including body positive lyrics, Lizzo’s relationship with Jamil dates back several months to when she appeared on the actress’ Instagram TV show I Weigh Conversations back in April. During her appearance, she and Jamil discussed the push for representation of more diverse bodies in the media and the rapper’s own struggles with body image.

"Every Black woman I saw was really light-skinned, or had straight, blonde hair," Lizzo said of her struggle to find a role model that looked like her. "So I was like, 'Wow, that’s beautiful, I want to look like that!' but I would look in the mirror and I looked so far from that, that I was almost like, 'I want to be somebody else.' I didn’t have little things I wanted to change about myself. I had this entire fantasy about waking up and being like, Sailor Moon. Completely unrealistic goals."


Later, Lizzo said that "no matter how small or big or how I look, no one's ever going to be completely happy" with her appearance.

"I'm not going to be able to please everyone with my outward appearance," she said. "Someone's always going to have a critique, someone’s always going to have some negativity to say about me. So all that matters is what I think of it. And I had to go so deep inside myself and look in the mirror. Looking in the mirror and accepting what’s in the mirror is very, very difficult. And right now, I love it every time I look in the mirror."