Lil Xan Enters Rehab

Rapper Lil Xan has entered rehab and is reportedly "doing his best" as he tries to "live a better life."

The news was shared by Xan's — real name Diego Leanos — girlfriend Annie Smith, who posted a photo of the star on his own Instagram page and revealed the news in the caption.

“This sweet angel of mine officially entered rehab this morning. I’m sorry for all the confusion circulating about Diego leaving for rehab,” Smith stated in the post. “It’s a tricky thing since people are coming in and out of the facility so often that rooms end up getting switched around and dates can be pushed back.”

(Photo: Lil Xan / Instagram)

“I’m so beyond proud of this precious boy for being the strongest person I know and for wanting to live a better life. Please keep him in your prayers, he is doing his best right now to find peace with himself," she continued. "We love you all so much, and we appreciate all of the support. I love him beyond words and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our family. xanarchy family – love, Annie.”

She later added an update on Xan, sharing that he “was just admitted into his first treatment."

"He loves each and every one of you sending good wishes and prayers to him. We thank you all so very much for all of the love and support you are sending his way," she added. "He will be back soon, with another top 10 album we love you all xanarchy family ! – love, Annie.”

Xan previously announced plans to admit himself to rehab, posting last month, “I just dropped out of SoundCloud Uni to go to rehab. I leave in like 5 days And I couldn’t be happier with this choice. I love you guys for being so supportive and can’t wait too [sic] get back clean headed ready for Finish my album !”


"I’m heading away for awhile but I’ll be back with a gang of new content and also will be doing a clothing drop while I’m away ! Dropped the prices 30% so more people can afford them," he added in a subsequrent post. "The site will launch in the next couple days ! I love you guys and thank you for all the positivity and support."

He then thanked fellow rapper blackbear "for letting me perform one last time," and continued, "Love you guys ! P.S The Hat means everything to me."