Lady Gaga's Dog Walker in Stable Condition and 'Breathing on His Own'

The dog walker who was shot while protecting Lady Gaga's dogs during a Wednesday night robbery is in stable condition at the hospital and texted his friend he was breathing on his own, PEOPLE reported Thursday. Ryan Fischer was attacked while walking Gaga's two French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, in Hollywood by two men who stole the dogs and shot Fischer in the chest when he tried to intervene.

Los Angeles Police Capt. Jonathan Tippet confirmed to PEOPLE that Fischer was stable and that the video TMZ released of the struggle was legitimate. Tippet said there are two suspects at this time — two Black men between 20-25 in age — and that they are at large. Noting that Fischer's wallet was stolen, the captain said the suspects "intended to rob the individual of the dogs." The officer said he believed Fischer would make a full recovery after being shot.

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Dr. Fred Pescatore, a friend and former client of Fischer's, told PEOPLE that Fischer had texted him Thursday he was "breathing on his own now." Describing his friend, Pescatore said the man who used to walk his dog was "very laid back. Easygoing, personable, inquisitive" and loved by everyone who met him. "There's nothing negative about that man," he added, explaining that Fischer would do anything to protect the dogs in his care. "He's just amazing with them. He cares. They're like his children. He's very in tune with the dogs' needs. He would do anything for them, anything."

Speaking of the video in which Fischer can be seen attempting to keep the dogs from being stolen before being shot, Pescatore said, "He would protect these dogs with his life. And he almost has. And let's hope he has not." He added that he wanted the world to know "the man behind Lady Gaga's dogs" as the story makes headlines around the world and give him the recognition he deserves. "He was the one that was shot. He was the one protecting her dogs. And not enough people are focusing on that," Pescatore said.

Gaga has not released a public statement about the kidnapping of her dogs, but is offering a $500,000 reward for information leading to the return of the dogs, no questions asked. For people who do have information about the dogs' whereabouts, email, according to CNN.