Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Nearly Split After Ugly Fight

The Good Place star Kristen Bell and actor Dax Shepard are one of Hollwood's cutest couples.

Since the two got engaged in 2010, they've delighted fans with adorable social media posts, starred alongside each other in films like When In Rome and Hit and Run, and made fans laugh through a series of charming Samsung commercials based on their family life.

But in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Bell revealed one bad argument almost caused the two to split.

Bell explained the argument started when the two were just starting out their relationship and were taking a motorcycle road trip from New York City to Detroit to see their families. The two had agreed to switch the music they would listen to after every couple of states, but Bell made a surprise switch while Shepard was in a gas station.

"Well he was not happy because I didn't ask, we didn't discuss it and we're both control freaks. That fight got bigger and bigger as we're on the road which morphed into a fight about helmet laws because Dax Shepard believes that if he's in a state that does not have a helmet law, he should be observing the local culture and not wear his helmet," she said.

"And I was like, 'Excuse me, no you have to wear a helmet,' " Bell added. "So this morphs into an even bigger fight and we end up compromising to where if he was on the highway he had to wear the helmet and if he was on side streets he didn't have to wear the helmet."

Bell said that agreement led to her future husband taking side streets over the highway for roughly four hours. Then things took a turn when it started to rain.

"You have to wear it if it's raining, period," Bell said. "He was not happy. I think from all of Ohio to up through Michigan we were fighting so bad we both lost our voices because we were both screaming at each other on the motorcycle. I refused to hold onto him, so I held onto the back of the motorcycle like a boss."

"I was like, 'I'm not touching you right now,' " she added.

Bell's mother, who was oblivious to the whole fight, greeted the two once they reached Detroit with a camcorder and VHS tapes of Alf.

"Because that was our favorite show," Bell said.


"Dax describes that moment as 'I had an out-of-body experience. Because I hate this girl I'm sitting next to, we're about to break up, I think her mom is crazy and all of a sudden I watching Alf.' He was fully outside his own body and we got through two or three (episodes) before he politely excused himself to visit his dad," Bell explained.

"But we continued dating, Jimmy," Bell said. "And that's the moral of the story."