Kim Kardashian Under Fire for Excluding Men From Modeling Tryout

Kim Kardashian has received a bit of backlash after her beauty company, KKW Beauty, began a search for female-only models.

On Tuesday, KKW Beauty put out an open casting call in the Los Angeles area for upcoming campaigns, sharing the details on social media. The notice states that the call is open to women 18 and up, something people immediately noticed and called Kardashian out for.

James Charles, who was named the first male CoverGirl in 2016, responded to the casting call on Twitter.

"Sister @KimKardashian! There are thousands of boys in cosmetics who love you & I'm sure would be honored to slay a photo shoot for you!" he wrote, according to People. "This is disappointing."

Charles later deleted his tweet and made sure to note that he never "slammed" Kardashian.

"I didn't f— anything up Lindsey, I reached out to her team directly & deleted my tweet because It didn't need to be handled publicly," the 18-year-old wrote in response to another Twitter user. "Never slammed her & I'm certainly not embarrassed for standing up for boys in beauty."

Other fans on Twitter also noticed the exclusion, responding to the call with questions.


Over the past few years, men have become increasingly more present in the beauty community, with hundreds of male YouTubers and makeup artists making their mark. Some, like Charles and Manny Gutierrez, have nabbed campaigns with major brands like CoverGirl and Maybelline, while others like Patrick Starr have scored collaborations with brands like MAC.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @kkwbeauty