Kim Kardashian Fans Urge Her to Stop Kanye West's Unhinged Rant About Drake

Kanye West is back at it on Twitter, going after rapper Drake in a lengthy, nonsensical rant throughout Thursday afternoon and evening and leaving fans with one question—where's Kim Kardashian?

The "Ye" rapper has recently had beef with Drake over implications the "God's Plan" artist made that West had been the one to leak information of his secret child with Sophie Brussaux to Pusha T, who subsequently made it public with his diss track "The Story of Adidon."

Drake also has not come out to address ongoing rumors that he slept with Kardashian, which he possibly alluded to in "In My Feelings," despite the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star's denial.

It seemed that the two artists had put their feud to rest until Thursday, when West took to Twitter, claiming Drake called him to "threaten" him, calling him a "bully" who picks "on people with mental health issues."

West has claimed in the past to have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but in an October Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump, clarified that he thinks he was misdiagnosed.

"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was connected with a neuropsychologist that worked with athletes in the NBA and the NFL. And he looked at my brain, equal on three parts, I'm gonna go ahead and drop some bombs on you — 98 percentile IQ test," West said.

He then claimed that the new doctor told him he was misdiagnosed, simply suffering from sleep deprivation, and slammed his bipolar medication as making him not feel like himself.

With this all in mind, much of Twitter was begging Kardashian to find her husband and help him during what they thought seemed like an unhealthy time for his mental health.

"Kanye needs to put his phone down. Or Kim needs to take it from him lol man is geekin," one fan joked on Twitter.

Another said, more seriously, "Kanye is really talking about how Drake is going to come and kill his family. Kim needs to take care of her husband."

A third echoed, "Kanye having a whole manic episode. It's not funny, it's sad, and Kim needs to come check on her husband."


Others were sick of West's public messiness, with one Twitter user writing, "I need Kim to take Kanye's phone. Your man is having a messy meltdown in public and he's starting to sound like a needy/whiney (sic) b—."

Photo credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage