Khloe Kardashian Shows off New Sleek Cut and Color in Bold Black Look

Khloe Kardashian turned a lot of heads this weekend with her bold new hairstyle and her all-black [...]

Khloe Kardashian turned a lot of heads this weekend with her bold new hairstyle and her all-black attire. The reality star put together an imposing ensemble with sleek black clothes and a fresh new look, with the help of some of her favorite stylists. Fans were loving the whole effect.

Kardashian struck a few poses on Instagram on Sunday morning when she posted a handful of pictures, evidently from the night before. The 35-year-old wore black high heels with red accents along the soles. She was clad in a black leather jumpsuit that shone in the light, cinching tight at the waist.

Kardashian covered the jumpsuit with a silky black top, which flowed around her shoulders and arms, contrasting with the skintight top itself. She set the whole look off with plenty of jewelry — gold and diamonds adorned her wrists and just about every one of her fingers, which were tipped with menacingly long pale nails.

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Kardashian's hair was was sharp as well, straightened and hanging to shoulder length. The reality star is more blond than ever these days, and she included some yellow-colored makeup around her eyes.

Kardashian included five photos in her all-black attire, standing in front of a black car at night. She added one to her Instagram Story as well, with a shout-out to her makeup artist Ash Kholm and her hairstylist Clyde Haygood.

Fans were loving the look, especially on Kardashian. They commented on the fearsome aesthetic, feeling that it suited her in this moment. The reality star is carrying a lot on her own right now, but it's clear she can handle it.

"I am feeling these all black vibes," one fan commented with a string of black heart emojis.

"Wow she's servin' looks," added another.

"So beautiful Khloe," a third person wrote with a heart emoji. "You are one of my favorite humans."

Kardashian is still living out her split from Tristan Thompson and the aftermath in the latest episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is holding on to her independence, a source told E! News just last week.

"He's doing everything he can to prove himself and won't take no for an answer," they said. "He's saying nice things to Khloe and flattering her constantly. He knows he made a big mistake and lost the best thing that's ever happened to him."

"Recently they have started spending more time together and nothing makes Khloe happier than seeing True spend time with both of her parents," the source continued, "Tristan is trying to do everything right and is slowly getting back in with Khloe."

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