Khloé Kardashian Accused of Underpaying Her Former Assistant

Khloé Kardashian is facing a major allegation from one of her former assistants. According to The Blast, Kardashian is being sued by Matthew Manhard, a former assistant. Manhard is reportedly suing over several things including alleged unpaid wages. 

The former assistant is suing both Kardashian and her company, "KhloMoney." In his court filing, he stated that he was first hired back in January 2019 to be a "household assistant to Kardashian (Khloé)." While he was employed by Kardashian, Manhard's wages, hours, and/or working conditions were all allegedly being controlled by Kardashian. He alleged that KhloMoney operated under payroll policies that allowed them to avoid paying overtime and double-time wages to employees that would be required under California law (where Kardashian resides and her company is located). 

Manhard, a non-exempt employee, alleged that he was entitled to these overtime wages. But, this isn't the only matter that he is suing Kardashian and her company over. Aside from the alleged unpaid wages, Manhard claimed that an injury that he experienced in May 2022 led to his wrongful termination. In May 2022, he allegedly suffered a knee injury and asked for a leave of absence to recover. However, he encountered issues once he was ready to return to work. Manhard was allegedly told that there was no work for him when he requested to come back. As a result, he is alleging that Kardashian wrongfully terminated his employment in November 2022. 

"Manhard has suffered both general and special damages in the past and present and will continue to suffer such damages in the future for an unknown period of time," the court documents allege. "Manhard has also suffered and continues to suffer losses in earnings and other employment benefits, as well as past and future non-economic injury. This has caused damage to Manhard's professional reputation, as well as Manhard's income and other benefits. Moreover, Manhard has also suffered, and continues to suffer, extensive general damages in the form of anxiety, anguish, and mental suffering."

As The Blast pointed out, this is the second time that Kardashian has been sued this month. She was previously sued by a Good American employee, who alleged that she wasn't paid on time after a modeling job. The model, who is identified as Jourdan Whitehead, alleged that she worked for Good American in November 2021. She claimed that she wasn't paid on time for the day's work, which was meant to total $3,500. Now, she is suing Kardashian's company and asking for $100,000. While Kardashian is at the center of both of these legal matters, she has not addressed them publicly just yet.