Kevin Spacey Spotted Watching TV Coverage of His Own Scandal

Kevin Spacey was spotted watching news coverage of his own scandals this weekend as he awaits arraignment on felony sexual assault charges.

Spacey is due in a Massachusetts court a week from Monday to answer for the alleged sexual assault of an 18-year-old man. The actor faces several allegations of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct, and has therefore spent most of the last year in hiding. In new photos published by The Daily Mail, however, it is clear that Spacey is living in a lavish mansion in Baltimore, Maryland, where he has settled on a strange habit of watching himself on TV.

See the photos here.

Photographers caught sight of Spacey this weekend stepping out onto his balcony in Baltimore wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and tight, multicolored sweatpants. The actor had an unidentifiable logo printed on his chest.

Through the huge glass doors, Spacey's TV appeared to show CNN news coverage of his own sexual assault scandal. The actor has been in the headlines a lot lately, not only because of his approaching arraignment, but because of his bizarre video released the same day.

Sources said that the 59-year-old star has kept a low profile for the past year by having food delivered and rarely leaving his house.

"There was a constant swirl of rumors and alleged sightings but nobody knew for sure it was him living there," a neighbor told the outlet of Spacey's palatial house. "But when the video was posted online the kitchen, the worktops, the decor was instantly recognizable."

"He's certainly had to curtail his usual habits but it can't have been too difficult being cooped up inside there — it's a fabulous property," they added.

They added that he has been locked away in front of his TV, watching re-runs of his many hit movies in addition to the news coverage of his scandals. Finally, it was Spacey's "Let Me Be Frank" video, channeling his character from House of Cards, that got him caught.

On the same day that news of his arraignment broke, Spacey posted a strange video on his personal YouTube account, where he seemed to be in character as Frank Underwood from House of Cards. He delivered a monologue designed to apply to both himself and Underwood, implying that the character was not dead, and that he himself was at least partially innocent.


The video shocked fans and infuriated many survivors of sexual assault, who took his words as callous and damning. Meanwhile, it drew all the more attention to his upcoming court date. Spacey will appear before a judge in Massachusetts' Nantucket District Court on Monday, Jan. 7.