Kevin Spacey Fans Slam Anthony Rapp Following 'House of Cards' Suspension

Anthony Rapp was not only the first person to come forward and accuse Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct, but the catalyst for the House of Cards actor's career downfall. And now Rapp is sharing some cruel messages Spacey fans have sent him.

In a message on Twitter, Rapp wrote, "I haven't amplified any of the tweets I've been tagged in over these past few weeks, and the vast majority of them have been incredibly supportive, but then there are tweets such as these that just boggle my mind..."

The tweet he was referring to was quickly deleted by its author, but Rapp continued to share some of the more insensitive comments that fans of House of Cards have sent him.

"Season 6 of House of Cards has been suspended. Real people are being affected by this accusation of 3 decades ago. Cast and crew who now have to find new jobs to feed their families and pay bills. I hope this is what Mr. Rapp wanted," one person said, according to The Daily Mail.

"Because of you "house of cards" will be closed. You slandered Kevin Spacey. I love Star Trek, but you're the worst actor who played in all parts of the star trek universe. Kevin Spacey we love u, stay strong. Anthony Rapp f--- u,' Rapp revealed an Instagram user wrote.

Some people seem to be attacking him over his inital story, which is that he was 14 years old when Spacey attempted to seduce him at a party.

" were 14...and at an adult part? you were innocently chilling in a room watching TV while the party was happening. Seriously? You are a opportunist. You are not a victim," a social media user said.


While many people have attacked Rapp for coming forward with his story, he did make a point to express that the the overwhelming majority of people have been kind and supportive.

"Thank you to all of you who have been expressing support and solidarity. Your kindness is felt and much appreciated. And I have experienced such support far more than I have experienced negativity," The Star Trek: Discovery actor wrote.