Exclusive: Lawyer for Woman in Kevin Hart Sex Tape Scandal Worried More Images 'Might Still Be Coming'

It seems that the trouble might not be over for Kevin Hart and Montia Sabbag, the woman featured alongside Hart in an explicit video involved in a sex tape scandal.

Sabbag's high-powered Hollywood attorney, Lisa Bloom, spoke to Popculture.com in an exclusive interview to discuss the situation and clear up the the widespread rumors that have run rampant ever since Kevin Hart broke the news in an apology to his wife and children on Instagram last weekend.

Bloom, who is also a legal analyst for NBC, affirms that both Sabbag and Hart are victims in the case — and that the damage from the incident is possibly far from over.

"We're concerned that future images might be coming because what we've seen so far are just some little clips, and it looks like there are perhaps at least two cameras in the room because they're from two different angles," Bloom said. "We want to work with law enforcement to say, 'Please find whoever did this. Please get any hotel surveillance video.' "

After intense scrutiny and media attention, the former Court TV host said her client Sabbag — a model and aspiring actress — has a reputation that's on the line, as well.

"Like most performers, she also has done some work waitressing. She's concerned that she's not going to get jobs now because people are saying that she's an extortionist. She's not an extortionist," Bloom said. "So we're trying to both correct the record and, most importantly, find the felon who committed these crimes against Montia."

Bloom runs a high-profile law firm in Los Angeles, TheBloomFirm.com, and is a veteran in her field, having been interviewed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer and Anderson Cooper, to name just a few.

Bloom represents several celebrity clients, including Blac Chyna and the plaintiffs in the Usher case.

"We said yesterday at the press conference and I'll say it again here at Popculture. We're not suing Mr. Hart, we're not making any claims against Mr. Hart," Bloom added. "We are not asking for a penny. These reports that she's asking him for money are false. He has not made any claims against her. Nobody's suing anybody."



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