Kevin Hart Will Likely Be Sued Over Car Crash

Kevin Hart is reportedly facing serious legal consequences after the car accident that left him with serious injuries. The actor and two other people were involved in the crash on Sept. 1 and have reportedly sought counsel from lawyers, expecting to be hit with a big lawsuit.

According to a new report from TMZ, the driver — a friend previously identified as Jack Jared Black — sustained serious back and chest injuries and has an attorney, along with the passenger in the backseat — Rebecca Broxterman.

The outlet claims Hart is in the "crosshairs" with the pair who were also in the actor's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda because it did not have "safety harnesses" or airbags. Sources said the argument is that Hart should have worried about safety over authenticity with the vintage car, and not doing so makes it negligence on his part.

Black could also be on on the hook for Hart and Broxterman, who TMZ did not identify in their report, but it's not certain given that authorities are still looking into the cause of the crash.

The biggest possible legal option could be toward the company that customized Hart's. The publication writes the company is the expert and "even if Kevin wanted a custom job without safety harnesses," it is up to them to reuse the job because it wasn't safe.

Law enforcement sources also told the outlet they might look into lobbying for California State Legislature to prohibit custom car companies from releasing products without harnesses, even if the customer doesn't want them.

The new report comes a day Hart was reportedly released from a live-in rehabilitation facility and returned home for the first time since the crash. Hart was seeking rigorous physical therapy at the facility after sustaining major back injuries that were fixed with surgery shortly after the incident.

His long journey of recovery will now continue at home, with the actor reportedly seeing a physical therapist most days of the week with sessions including stretches and other exercises with therapy bands to help him get better.

Hart, who has reportedly seen photos of the accident, is said to be "grateful" and "shocked" that he survived. Sources told TMZ also alleged that the accident has given him "a new perspective on life."

"He really cherishes the fact that he's alive, and wants to make the most of it in every respect," they said. "The crash had a huge impact on him."


Hart is expected to make a full recovery, though it will be long road to get back to where he was before the crash.