Kesha Reveals Her and Boyfriend's Butt Mask Skin Care Routine

Many many not know that Kesha is both a chart-topping pop singer and a beauty brand founder. Recently, the global superstar revealed that she and her boyfriend started doing a butt mask skin care routine. The unusual beauty regimen seems to have been a result of being quarantined in her home during the coronavirus pandemic.

During an interview with Refinery29, Kesha explained the new backside skin care option she discovered, explaining, "There are these butt masks called Bawdy that I have been using. It helps having someone put it on your butt, so that's another perk of being quarantined with my boyfriend. It's one of those things that, at the end of the night, brings me happiness." She also shared some other self-care insights for being isolated, including some of her favorite products. "I am normally too exhausted after my day to do a full skin-care routine, but now a bubble bath with a Lush bath bomb and a collagen sheet mask is one of my favorite activities. I got this ice roller I love, as well as a micro-needling roller; I use that and then apply moisturizer on top," she explained.

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"Some days I just stay in sweatpants, and other days I wake up and think, I’m going to do my eyebrows and put on a little makeup and just feel really cute," she continued. "I’ve realized that doing my makeup can be transformative for my mood. It's not about looking beautiful; it's more about feeling confident to face the day. When I do wear a little makeup, I like Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products, Too Faced Mascara, and the lip plumper from my line because it's hydrating and makes your lips a really cute shade of pink. I have been liking this light foundation from Chantecaille; it’s very see-through and dewy so you can still see my freckles."

She later added, "I don't miss putting on tons of makeup every single day, and it might inspire me to let my freckles breath a little bit more when I am working. Before, I was so used to people blurring them out or Photoshopping them that they seemed like a flaw, but now I have come to like them and want to let them live more. Everything is natural right now, and it makes me feel like I could probably take that approach into life."