Kesha Reveals She 'Almost Died' While Filming Music Video in the Desert

Kesha says she's lucky to be alive after a brush with death in the desert while shooting a music video. The 32-year-old singer told Elvis Duran on his syndicated radio show Thursday that last month, she and her crew got lost in the California desert while trying to find the filming location.

She explained that while filming the music video for the title track to her upcoming High Road album, her belly button ring got stuck on her drummer's jacket and that the two narrowly avoided being hit by a fast-moving car driven by her bodyguard.

"We followed the — what do you call it? The Google? — into the middle of the desert and it was not the right place," she began the nonsensical story. "So then my belly button ring got stuck on my drummer's jacket. And then my bodyguard, Captain Cereal Daddy, came barreling down the road ... he's going like 90 [miles per hour] and he's like, 'Get out of the way!'"

"I'm clinging on to my drummer saying, 'Don't you move, you're going to rip my bellybutton out.' And he didn't move," she revealed.

"He didn't move but we're all just, like, screaming, and then he [Kesha's bodyguard] narrowly averted us," she said.

But the bizarre story didn't end there. The "Raising Hell" songstress said that after the close call, everyone piled back into the car only to see something shocking a bit down the road.

"We got in the car, we're like 'Woo, almost died,' and then we drive — five minutes later we see a dead body on the side of the road," she said.

"The desert outside of Los Angeles, you guys," she said incredulously.

The story ended there, but that didn't stop her fans from reacting to it on social media.

"She's so brave. I'm so proud of her," one fan tweeted after another shared the interview clip. Others reacted to the singer calling her bodyguard Caption Cereal Daddy.

The interview came just a few days after Kesha announced a tour with Big Freedia promoting High Road, which drops Jan. 31. The tour will travel across North America, kicking off on April 23 in Sugar Land, Texas.


Previously, Kesha released High Road lead single "Raising Hell," featuring Big Freedia, as well as "Resentment," featuring Brian Wilson and Sturgill Simpson. Her latest album, Rainbow — which was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album — was released in 2017.

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/AMA2019 / Contributor / Getty