Kendra Wilkinson Slammed for Insensitive Cotton Picking Video

A video Kendra Wilkinson posted from her family vacation has critics calling it insensitive at best and racist at worst.

The former Girls Next Door cast member posted a series of Snapchats to her story Wednesday while she and husband Hank Baskett were road-tripping through Texas in which she asks him to pull over to the side of the road so she can pick cotton from the sprawling fields they were amid.

"I've always wanted to pick a piece of cotton, but I feel like I'm going to get shot if I do it," Wilkinson says in the video, speaking about her concerns of trespassing.

Later, getting out of the car, she shouts back at Baskett, "If I get shot, I blame you!"

When she does eventually pick a piece of cotton, she celebrates loudly, yelling, "I picked cotton!"

The exuberance and continual talk of getting shot struck some as uncomfortable when juxtaposed with the racist history of slaves forced to pick cotton.

When TMZ reached out to Wilkinson's rep, they said she didn't mean to offend anyone and is sorry if people took her celebration in a different way than she had intended. As for people claiming she's racist, the rep pointed out that her husband is African-American.


Wilkinson has spoken out against racism several times in the past, including during her appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars -- Family Edition, when Teen Mom OG cast member Farrah Abraham made racially insensitive remarks to Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's mother, Paula Johnson.

"I don't throw out the f--king race card like that. This b-tch didn't just offend Paula, she offended my husband and my kids, me," said Wilkinson in a confessional. "You're going f--king down, dude."