Kendall Jenner Responds to 'Kill the Kardashians' T-Shirt

Kendall Jenner has taken to social media to respond to that infamous 'Kill the Kardashians' [...]

Kendall Jenner has taken to social media to respond to that infamous "Kill the Kardashians" t-shirt.

While popping "out to grab some milk," Jenner happened upon a gentleman donning the shirt. She shared a quick clip of it on her Instagram Stories thread, before moving on.

The aggressive t-shirt has an interesting origin, that Jenner is surprisingly tied into.

(Photo: Kendall Jenner / Instagram)

It all started back in 2014 when Jenner was photographed wearing an old Slayer t-shirt. The band's guitarist, Gary Holt, responded the following year by wearing the "Kill the Kardashians" shirt on-stage for the first time at a New York City show.

Holt became an official member of Slayer after their original guitarist Jeff Hanneman died in 2013. He is also the guitarist for thrash metal legends Exodus, having joined that band in 1981, prior to Kirk Hammett leaving to join Metallica.

Holt opened up about the t-shirt in an interview with RockSverige back in 2017, explaining how it came about.

"It was made by a friend of mine, Jack," Holt said. "[It was] put together just because he knows my deep, bitter, black hatred of them. It's like… I don't begrudge them for their money, I just f—ing hate people that are becoming superstars for doing nothing."

"Kim Kardashian was a closet organizer and then she did a sex tape and became famous for it and now they stick their name on products and I hate their guts," he added. "So my friend Jack actually made the shirt for me first and then we decided to start our own little merch company No Love Apparel and sold them and it became like a huge viral thing."

He then took aim at Instagram celebrity Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew.

"What was this guy's name? Some Internet star, another one of those kinda people I hate. An Instagram star who's famous for hanging out in places where famous people are," Holt said. "They call him the something 'Jew' or something. I saw him on some reality show even once like The Real Housewives Of Orange County or something. He was at some party. He posted the little dual photo of me wearing the shirt and one of the Jenners wearing a SLAYER shirt and the shit went viral from there."

Holt did confess that he initially considered making a shirt to specifically call out Caitlyn Jenner, but left her out of it "because I'm all for sexual identity freedom."

"I have nothing against the trans community or gay and lesbian people," Holt stated. "I'm all for personal freedom and whatever nature meant you to be is who you are, so I left him alone..."

In addition to the aforementioned shirt, Holt's No Love Apparel also released a shirt emblazoned with a pentagram and the words "No Lives Matter." At this time the company's website redirects to a "check back soon" message, but Holt does have a new site that sells an updated version of the "Kardashians" shirt.