Kendall Jenner Posts Epic Clap Back to Troll Slamming Her for 'Passing Them Around' NBA Comment

Kendall Jenner had no trouble clapping back at the haters accusing the model of being tossed around from one NBA player to the next. While Jenner does have a history of relationships with professional basketball players, Jenner has always been private about the extent of their relationship. However, internet trolls put together a TikTok video of three guys tossing around a little girl, and the caption read, "NBA players passing around Kendall Jenner."

The video was sparked after it was revealed that Jenner went on a quick road trip with Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker to Sedona, Arizona. "Maybe she passing them around," one person replied to the video on Twitter before Jenner chimed in herself and dropped a comeback that negated any of the criticism.

Her famous sisters were quick to jump in as well with Kylie Jenner writing, "Lmfao tweet of the year." Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian also put in their thoughts as well as they sided with their younger sister. This isn't the first time that Jenner's dealt with haters accusing her of getting around with pro athletes, but rarely does she clap back.

In 2017, she was tied to Detroit Pistons player Blake Griffin, who at the time played for the Los Angeles Clippers. Once that fizzled out, she began her on-again-off-again relationship with Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons. After months of speculation, Jenner finally confirmed their relationship in February 2019 on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.


"Who's that guy that's in the way?" DeGeneres asked while showing a photo of Jenner courtside at one of Simmons' games. "I'm not so sure," Jenner coyly replied. "I'm not either," the comedian added. "I don't know anything about basketball. Obviously, you're dating this guy who's on this 76ers. Is that what it's called? ... I don't know basketball. How long have you been dating him?" The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star replied, "For a bit now."

The year prior in 2018, they dated for four months before calling it quits, to later get back together. "Kendall and Ben's relationship is fizzling and dissipating due to scheduling conflicts," one source told Us Weekly at the time. "Kendall is so busy and has so much going on and doesn't want to wait around for anyone. She knows there's always a hot new fling waiting around the corner for her." Despite their scheduling issues, they've always seemed to come back to each other.