Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans Divorce Reportedly Caused by 'Main Disagreement' Over 'Having Kids'

Kelsea Ballerini divorce from Morgan Evans has been making headlines lately, nearly four months after being finalized, with one source claiming that the "main disagreement" between the pair was over "having kids." Us Weekly reports that an insider close to the former couple stated, "Kelsea was very young and naive when she met Morgan, they clicked right away, but their relationship was always an emotional roller-coaster." The source added that the two had an "intense romance" that often suffered from "friction, tension, and toxicity."

The insider stated that Ballerini kept her "bottled up for so long" but her loved ones ultimately saw the "issues" in the relationship. "She kept it a secret from most in her life," the insider continues. "Morgan and Kelsea's main issue was their disagreement about having kids." The source claims that Ballerini "wasn't ready" for children, and the divide between her Evans grew because of their differing positions on building a family. "Morgan [had] been ready for a long time," the insider said. "They had been having issues, relating to each other and trouble being kind to each other, but the disagreement over kids was the nail in the coffin."

He went on to write, "If this is what she needs to heal, I hope it helps. All I ask is if that you're on my pages, please don't be mean. Don't be mean to Kelsea, don't be mean to each other." Evans then concluded his statement with: "Life's too short." The post seems to be in response to comments that Ballerini made about their relationship in a new episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, hosted by Alexandra Cooper. In a preview clip shared by PEOPLE, Ballerini says candidly, "There were separations, there was years of couples therapy. There was like, many a night of sleeping on the couch," she said. "I don't think it was the first night, but it was a night where I was like, this is not what I want."

She continued: "I slept on the couch the night before the CMAs and I remember I went to rehearsal at the arena and texting him and being like, 'I'll just see you at the carpet.'" After being asked about why she slept on the couch so often, Ballerini stated that the couple had a "disconnection" for some time. 

"We hadn't seen each other, there was a lack of effort to see each other. I was getting resentful because any time we did see each other, I felt like I was carrying that load, and I was tired," she said. "I was just tired of showing up in that way all the time and not feeling like I was seen or matched." It has also been alleged that Ballerini had an affair with Chainsmokers DJ Drew Taggart, though no one involved has confirmed or denied the claims.