Kelly Clarkson Alleged Stalker Hit With 6 Charges, Could Serve Serious Jail Time

Kelly Clarkson's alleged stalker faces multiple criminal charges after the singer claimed the woman constantly visits her home. Last month, Huguette Nicole Young was charged with stalking, four counts of violating a protective order, and one count of trespassing, the L.A. City Attorney's Office told TMZ. According to the outlet, Young pled not guilty and was given a $26,000 bail with a court order to stay away from the talk show host. Clarkson previously obtained a restraining order against Young, but the woman has allegedly violated the terms of a restraining order 12 times. Young was arrested outside the American Idol winner's San Fernando Valley home on Wednesday, Jan. 25. Early that month, Clarkson obtained a five-year restraining order against Young and another stalker, Victor Fernandez.

The stalker showed up at 8:59 p.m., the same as previous visits to Clarkson's property. The significance of that time is unknown. Clarkson's security team called 911, and she was arrested. Young and Clarkson have had a rocky relationship for more than a decade. During her time in Nashville, she stalked Clarkson and continued to do so after she moved to Los Angeles. Young is alleged to have left unwanted gifts at Clarkson's property. According to law enforcement sources, the person had been dropping items there for about a month without meeting Clarkson. Despite the lack of evidence of violent behavior, police were concerned that the situation could escalate. Clarkson's security team filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department, which assigned its threat management team to investigate.

A temporary restraining order was granted to Clarkson by her attorney following her complaint against Young, according to TMZ. In the documents filed by Clarkson's attorney, Young was accused of harassing her at the end of October. Young has left gifts and notes at Clarkson's home at least 18 times. A guard once told Young she was trespassing, but she apologized and allegedly ran toward Clarkson's house. Young and Fernandez were ordered to stay at least 100 yards from Clarkson and her children for the next five years, according to Clarkson's long-term protection order granted on Jan. 19. Fernandez is another stalker who allegedly tried to meet Clarkson multiple times, beginning on Thanksgiving. A Clarkson security team member told them Fernandez also took pictures of Clarkson's children in a vehicle. Young faces more than a year in jail if convicted. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 26.